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If you can imagine it, we can make it happen! Our unique approach to equipment design allows you to explore your creativity, unhampered by constraints. As well as validating the safety of your equipment, we can also suggest performance enhancements while reducing design time.

About: Anoki

Unleash the potential of your creativity! Anoki offers a complete solution to validate and improve the efficiency of mechanical systems for the entertainment industry (acrobatic equipment, fixed and moving structures, etc.) It includes the analysis of the client’s objectives, our unique sim-optimization service and on-going follow-up services. Our sim-optimization services, the perfect blend of technically advanced simulation and optimization of parts and systems, explores creative ways to achieve your design while taking into account all safety requirements. Visit our Website++




Our Expertise:

  • Creative Engineering
  • Sim-Optimization (Engineering simulation using leading-edge softwares)
  • Deep simulation expertise combined with products development knowledge
  • Understanding your needs, ability to translate your expressed needs into simulation language
  • Making it work, proposed design modifications to improve your product

Bromont (Québec)

  • +1 450 919-1714
President - Anoki

Alessandro Del MIstro


Geneviève Thibault

Directrice Marketing

1400 Boulevard de l'Innovation, Bromont Québec

450-919-1714 p.226




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