Centre Phi

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Our programming inspires, challenges and innovates by exploring new territories in the digital age.

About: Centre Phi

Dedicated to art in all its forms, Phi is a multidisciplinary arts and culture organization that cultivates all aspects of creation, development, production and dissemination. Phi is at the intersection of art, film, music, design and technology. Through eclectic programming and a strong emphasis on content creation, Phi fosters unexpected encounters between artists and audiences. Headquartered at the Phi Centre in Montreal Canada, Phi was created by Director and Founder Phoebe Greenberg.

Our Expertise:

  • art, technology, virtual reality, immersive experiences

Centre Phi in pictures

lucidrealities-3459_MartineLavoiePHI_MONDESONIRIQUES_20170717_038 2

montréal (Québec)

President - Centre Phi

Myriam Achard

Director PR and communications




“聚焦魁北克”是魁北克和中国企业家相互结识的平台。平台活动充满原创和惊喜,高端而独特 ,力求在两种丰富的文化之间建立起真诚长久的关系。

无限想象。 全球闻名。 无尽可能。