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Cinco creates meaningful and lasting ways for brands to engage with consumers.

About: Cinco

Let’s Start with why? - Cinco believes in challenging the status quo in sponsorship and experiential marketing around the world.

How do we do it? - By creating meaningful and lasting ways for brands to engage with consumers on an emotional level and in a relevant way through the use of bleeding edge technologies.

Cinco's services fall under these main pillars: Sponsorship Program Strategy & Execution + Consumer Experiences + Digital Platforms & Shareable Content.

We develop sponsorship programs and integrate innovative consumer experiences by connecting bleeding edge technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, internet of things, sensors and artificial intelligence to name a few. Nowadays in marketing, a consumer experience needs to be captured and shared on social media to enhance its value; therefore Cinco has developed shareable content creation and online engagement services to complete its international offer.

Cinco is currently implementing a global expansion strategy. For our international clients, we license innovative Consumer Experiences developed in CincoLab and displayed in our Experience Framework Platform.

CincoLab is an independent innovation unit operating within Cinco. Its mission is exploring technologies and framing the possibilities they empower for marketing. The team is dedicated to the research and continuous development of both prototypical and innovative consumer experiences.

Over the years, Cinco has developed an ingenious way of working with clients and partners that allows for efficient and smooth collaboration in the creation of meaningful and lasting consumer experiences both live and online. Offering access to a private digital platform, only accessible by Cinco’s clients and partners, that offers a selection of customizable experiences, also called Experience Frameworks, Cinco was able to become an experiential and technology reference for its clients both by continuously innovating and creating new frameworks as well as constantly offering a wide range of unique and creative options.







Cinco的实验室是Cinco独立运作的创新部门。 它的任务是研发技术并探索这些科技用于市场营销的潜力。这样做的好处就是 - 为客户带来独特的消费者体验。Cinco团队始终致力于对消费者体验原型及创意的持续研发。


Our Expertise:

  • experiential
  • marketing
  • sponsorship
  • technology
  • digital
  • content
  • design
  • lab
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented relaity
  • Strategy

Cinco in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - Cinco

Nicolas Marullo

President & CEO

Jingjing Liu

International Development & Client Relations Manager

139 St Paul Ouest




“聚焦魁北克”是魁北克和中国企业家相互结识的平台。平台活动充满原创和惊喜,高端而独特 ,力求在两种丰富的文化之间建立起真诚长久的关系。

无限想象。 全球闻名。 无尽可能。