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Effendi produces creative jazz as part of the wave of modern jazz today. It promotes, stimulates the knowledge, development, radiation, composition and performance of this music. Effendi also offers stewardship, agency, turner, publishing, management, administration and promotion services for jazz artists.

About: Effendi

Effendi is an incorporated for-profit organization established under the Companies Act of Quebec. Founded in 1999 by singer Carole Therrien and bassist Alain Bédard, Effendi has allowed hundreds of jazz musicians (nearly 70% of Quebec jazz musicians) to release jazz albums and tour through the country. world. His main mission has been to produce creative jazz as part of today's wave of modern jazz, to foster and stimulate the knowledge, development, influence, composition and performance of this music with Quebec jazz artists. In the course of its existence, Effendi has consistently published the best of jazz, winning 80 awards. By collaborating with the best musicians and composers of Quebec jazz, Effendi realized and put on the market 150 albums of jazz of creation. He has organized more than 1000 concerts and performed 108 tours on 4 continents including Asia (China, Japan, South Korea) and published more than 1500 jazz pieces. Effendi also offers help, administration and promotion services for jazz artists in management.

Our Expertise:

  • record production, management, agency, publishing, administration and other services

Effendi in pictures

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montréal (Québec)

President - Effendi

Alain Bédard





“聚焦魁北克”是魁北克和中国企业家相互结识的平台。平台活动充满原创和惊喜,高端而独特 ,力求在两种丰富的文化之间建立起真诚长久的关系。

无限想象。 全球闻名。 无尽可能。