ImmerVision Inc.

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Wide-Angle lens design customised to specific applications/products, Image Processing algorithms, Software integration services, Optics and Software Technology licensing.

About: ImmerVision Inc.

ImmerVision empowers you to see more and see better by leading innovation in wide-angle optics and imaging technology. Combining patented wide-angle panomorph lenses with data-augmented and AI-ready imaging algorithms, we enable vision for any device and any application. Through a global licensing program, panomorph technology and ImmerVision Enables certification assure the highest quality, compatibility, flexibility and data-rich wide-angle images for consumer devices, automotive, IoT, drones, home appliances, security and AI to the electronic wide-angle imaging ecosystem.



Our Expertise:

  • Advanced optical design and image processing for AI, Autonomous Driving, IoT, AR, Media and Entertainment, Medical, and Security applications.

ImmerVision Inc. in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - ImmerVision Inc.

Alessandro Gasparini

Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

Shirley Chan

Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

2020 Robert-Bourassa Blvd, Suite 2320, Montreal (QC) H3A 2A5 Canada

+1 514 985-4007 x3027

Emmy Chang

Business Development Director (ADG)

Suite 16-B1, Tower A, Gateway Plaza, 18 Xiaguangli North, East Third Ring Road Beijing 100027 China





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