Lucion Média

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Lucion Media designs content and multimedia installations for museum and corporate or cultural event.

About: Lucion Média

Founded in 2000 by Bernard Duguay, the company Lucion brings together a creative team of visual artists, urban designers, interactive developers, storytellers and musicians to develop narrative environments. Over the past years, Lucion preduced or co-produce more than 350 audiovisual productions, including light installations, architectural projections and interactive terminals, in addition to performing the visual dressing for galas, ceremonies, conferences, plays and fashion shows.

Our Expertise:

  • Light, shadow, multimedia, video mapping, movie production, art installation, interative and immersive installation

Lucion Média in pictures

Arras1BD_traitéeExposure_paintingExposure_selfiemoonGARDEN LyonmoonGARDENmoonGARDENJacques Cartier bridgeUnited FishWar tunnelCommemorative wall

montréal (Québec)

President - Lucion Média

Bernard Duguay


Frédéric Robert

Développement des affaires


Léa Nivet

Gestionnaire de projets

514 567 4538

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