Minority Media

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Pioneer VR studio focused on location-based VR solutions

About: Minority Media

Minority Media is a prominent award-winning video game and virtual reality development studio based in Montréal, Canada. For the last seven years, Minority has crafted high-quality and innovative games for console, PC/Mac, mobile, and virtual reality (VR). Our core team has over 50 years’ cumulative experience building, managing, and leading innovation at game industry juggernauts like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. Our approach consists in partnering with location-based VR operators, providing them with the world-class content to create memorable and engaging immersive experiences. Minority’s solid leadership is built on constant innovation and increasing quality standards for every product. In 2013, Minority became one of the world’s first studios to focus on VR and position itself as a leader in location-based VR solutions development. In 2017, Minority’s first VR title, Time Machine VR, a success on PlayStation VR, was recognized as one of Steam’s top 30 grossing VR titles in a library of over 1,000. In 2018, Minority will be launching several cross-platform and location-based VR titles, leading the way for the new generation of out-of-home entertainment.


Our Expertise:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Entertainment
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Location-based VR Solutions

Minority Media in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - Minority Media

Sylvain Croteau

Vice-President, Business Development

Catherine Beauvais-Gascon

Director, Business Development and Partnerships

4529, rue Clark, Suite 502





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