Montréal en Histoires

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Montréal en Histoires develops projection circuits, content and a history-tourism app

About: Montréal en Histoires

Montréal en Histoires is a non-profit organization. Established by important leaders in Montréal united by the common goal of creating various projects to enable everyone to discover, explore and celebrate history. Develops projection circuits, content and a history-tourism app Montréal en Histoires believes in the values of fun and discovery, but also competence and discipline. Central to its mission is the accessibility of its projects, sharing of knowledge, culture, history and collective memory.

Our Expertise:

  • Projection circuits, Interactive projections, Multimedia projections, Virtual reality, Techno-historical mobile app, Virtual reality terminal, Techno-historical multimedia interventions, Interactivity, Augmented reality

Montréal en Histoires in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - Montréal en Histoires

André Savard

Director of International and Commercial Development

Marc Randoll

Directeur exécutif

420, rue McGill, Bureau 401

+1 514 213-6867

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