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New media studio specialized in video games & digital environments


Founded in 1996 in Montreal, PLAYMIND is a collaborative studio specializing in digital creation and video games. For more than 15 years, the studio has specialized in the design, production and development of digital environments. By combining a strategic analysis of needs and trends with the rapid design of prototypes using state-of-the-art technologies, PLAYMIND produces interactive installations, immersive environments and games for mobile phones, virtual reality, augmented reality and consoles. The great diversity of the projects produced by the studio is echoed by many of its employees, who are corporate clients as well as cultural and museum institutions. The studio is proud of the various projects it has undertaken alongside the Montréal Science Center, the Biosphère, the Musée d'Argenteuil and the Grande Bibliothèque. As a service provider for two of the world's leading exhibitions in 2000 and 2005, Playmind also collaborates with a wide variety of art events around the world. In addition to its customer services, PLAYMIND is now designing its own video games, including its first title, The InnerFriend, which will be released in the spring of 2018. This major production lasted 3 years and was produced with CMF funding. It has been a major factor of change for PLAYMIND, which has grown from a small 5-person service provider to a strong gaming development studio with more than 20 employees.
The PLAYMIND studio production team consists of immersive and interactive experience designers, game designers, 2D and 3D artists, videographers, special effects designers and programmers. By employing the AGILE work methodology and combining its technical and artistic knowledge, the team works cohesively and is able to overcome technological obstacles while ensuring quality control throughout the production process. In sum, the transdisciplinary approach of the team facilitates the fluidity of ideas, no matter where they come from. The design is done by the ideaters / designers, in a spirit of co-creation that allows the contribution of everyone, the result offers a conceptual organization and a logic well drawn in direct connection with the objectives of the projects. In order to complete the expertise, Playmind relies on a large number of contractors who revolve around the internal team permanently. Thanks to the contribution of these designers of external experiences, the know-how is renewed and enriched, the potential creator is increased tenfold. This multi-level creative mindset inspires many associations.



PLAYMIND于1996年在蒙特利尔成立,是一家专门从事数字创作和视频游戏的合作工作室。 15多年来,该工作室专注于数字环境的设计,生产和开发。通过将需求和趋势的战略分析与使用最新技术的原型的快速设计相结合,PLAYMIND为移动电话,虚拟现实,增强现实和控制台生成交互式安装,沉浸式环境和游戏。工作室制作的项目的多样性得到了许多员工,企业客户以及文化和博物馆机构的响应。该工作室为自己与蒙特利尔科学中心,生物科学研究所,阿根特博物馆和格兰德图书馆一起进行的各种项目感到自豪。作为2000年和2005年两个世界领先的展览的服务提供商,Playmind还与世界各地的各种艺术活动合作。除了客户服务外,PLAYMIND现在正在设计自己的电子游戏,其中包括将于2018年春天发布的第一个游戏“The InnerFriend”。这个主要产品持续了3年,并由CMF资助。 PLAYMIND已经成为一个重要的变化因素,PLAYMIND已经从一个小型的5人服务提供商发展成为拥有超过15名员工的强大的游戏开发工作室。

Our Expertise:

  • Video Games (mobile/console)
  • Turnkey Location-based Entertainment Games
  • Immersive and Interactive Experiences
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
  • Visual effects and video mapping

PLAYMIND in pictures

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montréal (Québec)

  • +1 514 845 6555
President - PLAYMIND

Emmanuel Sévigny


Valentine Hinfray

Chargée de projets

6749, boul. Saint-Laurent

+1 514 621 7639

Catherine Beauvais-Gascon

Directrice au développement des affaires

6749, boul. Saint-Laurent

+1 514 973 0728

Médéric Ellul

Coordinateur Marketing

6749, boul. Saint-Laurent

+1 514 625-9685



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