VR Tracker

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VR Tracker enables large scale multiplayer virtual reality experiences.

About: VR Tracker

VR Tracker bring the "social" part to virtual reality and makes it more immersive thanks to same room multiplayers experiences in large spaces. Primarily in the game industry and VR arcades industry, but also in the education, culture and architecture. VR Tracker developed its own large scale multiplayer position tracking technology, 10 times less expensive than the ones on the market and compatible with every virtual reality headset, mobiles and PCs.

VR Tracker works with its partners to supply adapted content and games, with one objective in mind : furnish all-in-one solution for multiplayer VR Arcades and social expériences by the end of 2018.

Kickstarted 18 months ago, VR Tracker already began to install its technology in science centers in Germany, VR Arcades in Italy and Spain, but is also exploring architecture and many more locations are coming soon.

Our Expertise:

  • virtual reality
  • tracking
  • multiplayer
  • vr arcades
  • large scale

VR Tracker in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - VR Tracker

Jules Thuillier





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