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Innovative solutions, Project management, Business architecture, Science, technology, software ingineering

About: TEK-L inc

TEK-L is a service provider specializing in business architecture and project management. TEK-L acts as a service provider in numerous private and gouvernment project In addition, TEK-L is engaged in finding innovative solutions in various fields such as Fintech (Cooperathon 2017), smart city and entertainment (Hackcité 2017).  We have created "emOÖv", an interactive digital device that uses facial recognition to project people emotions linked to a color in an digital work of art.


TEK-L inc是一家专门提供咨询服务的公司,特别是在业务架构和项目管理方面。 TEK-L作为众多政府和私人项目的供应商,包括RENIR电信项目,魁北克CAA实施PCI标准,以及CSPQ无线移动项目的战略咨询。 其总裁正在Fintech(Cooperathon 2017),智慧城市和娱乐(获奖者Hackcité数字腿部件)等各个领域寻求创新解决方案

Our Expertise:

  • Innovative solutions
  • Project management, Business architecture
  • Science, technology, software ingineering

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President - TEK-L inc

Lucie Lemire


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