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Multimedia producer specialized in immersive 360° film, virtual reality and water shows.

About: Figure 55

We are “Figure 55”,  a multimedia company specializing in immersive show production in all formats. We design and produce compelling and captivating multimedia experiences, ranging from 360° projections to virtual reality films, and spectacular water shows.

Since 2006, Figure 55 distinguishes itself by its creative and multidisciplinary approach; and has a solid experience in multimedia production management. Always pushing to make each multimedia project as unique and compelling as possible, Figure 55 has gathered a team of in-house creators and close collaborators with a passion for design and innovation. Figure 55 is the first company to ever catch the Aurorae Borealis in 360 degrees in super HD (6K resolution) or to record a full orchestra in such manner.

The year 2013 was marked with the production of an unprecedented classical music experience featuring the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal and Kent Nagano, showcased in a 360º dome projection. In 2014, Figure 55 ventured into virtual reality to further extend its expertise in the field. 


Figure 55



自2006年以来,通过非凡的创造力和对多个技术门类的精通,Figure55在同行中脱颖而出;并且在多媒体制作管理方面积累了丰富的经验。为了使每个多媒体作品尽可能地与众不同,并且达到引人入胜的效果,Figure 55汇聚了一批优秀的内部创作人员和密切的合作伙伴,他们对设计和创新充满了热情。Figure 55是第一家以超高清(6K分辨率)360度拍摄北极光的公司,也是第一个以这种方式录制了完整的乐队演出。

2013年,Figure55以360度圆顶投影为蒙特利尔交响乐团和长野健的音乐会进行了特写,呈现了一次前所未有的古典音乐体验。 2014年,Figure 55进入了虚拟现实技术的世界,进一步扩大了它在该领域的专业特长。

Our Expertise:

  • 360 video, aquatic show, water show, virtual reality, museum, dome, immersif, multimedia

Figure 55 in pictures


montréal (Québec)

President - Figure 55

Pascal Pelletier

President / Producer

Yanik Daunais

Directeur général / General manager

880, Roy E., #100, Montréal, QC, H2L 1E6


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