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L’Éloi is a talent agency and an integrated production house

About: L’Éloi

L’Éloi is a talent agency and an integrated production house based in Montreal, Canada.

We are a 360 agency offering creative image solutions for brands. Our production services include commercial and editorial photography, film and digital content creation. The agency represents photographers, directors and art directors. All of this located in a 20 000 square feet space with 4 studios and a rooftop terrace.

We are your one stop shop destination for high impact  image making.



乖쳬角寧소360덜잿샙뭐,槨틔탬瓊묩눼雷暠獗썩엄렘갭。 乖쳬돨齡鱗륩蛟관윅撚뵨긍서緞,든緞뵨鑒俚코휭눼鱗。굶샙뭐덜잿緞可,돔蘿뵨論減寧돔。 乖쳬撻唐 20 000틱렘亶넹돨왕쇌,페櫓관윅4몸묏鱗杆뵨寧몸肱땅쨋憩。


Our Expertise:

  • Talent agency
  • Photo production
  • Video production
  • Executive production
  • Studios
  • Visual art
  • Multimedia

L’Éloi in pictures


montréal (Québec)

President - L’Éloi

Éloi Beauchamp

President & Founder

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