Mademoizelle Fizz

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Mademoizelle Fizz is a signer-songwriter with a unique enveloping voice

About: Mademoizelle Fizz

Mademoizelle Fizz has been leading her solo career since 2005. After collaboration with Sagacité, she decided to make the stage hers. She releases her first album in 2009. She will add her very own suttle electro touch to Henri Salvador's beautiful music. In 2011, she releases "Plaisir coupable", a compilation of her favorite pieces rearranged in a jazzy-folk ambiance. It's in 2011 that we rediscover her love for elecronic music in her first release as singer-songwriter "Ibiza Shore", soon followed by "À Fleur de Corps". She has been performing in France and United-States. Her warm and vibrant voice conqueer the audience, attracting more fans show after show.


Mademoizelle Fizz自2005年以来一直领导着她的独唱生涯。与Sagacité合作之后,她决定成 为她的舞台。她在2009年发行了她的第一张专辑。她将为Henri Salvador的美妙音乐添加自 己的电镀触感。 2011年,她发行了"Plaisir coupable",这是她最喜欢的乐曲重新排列在爵 士乐的氛围中。在2011年,我们重新发现了她对电子音乐的热爱,作为创作型歌手"Ibiza Shore"首次发行,紧接着是"Fleur de Corps"。她一直在法国和美国表演。她热烈而充满活 力的声音征服了观众,吸引了更多的粉丝在秀后展示。

Our Expertise:

  • Signer
  • Songwriter

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