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Development of web applications for the sale of event tickets.

About: Outbox

Founded in 2006 and based in Montreal, Outbox develops and manages its hosted ticket sales and management platform for cultural and sporting events. At the core of Outbox™ is a team of experienced system engineers and support specialists with over twenty-five years of experience in technology and business know-how related to ticketing.

Entirely web based, the Outbox™ system hosts massive on sales and large ticket volumes for Cirque du Soleil, other worldwide touring shows and numerous arenas, theaters and clubs in 25 countries.

With a complete white label ticketing solution, Outbox™ enables its clients to leverage their brand for an enhanced user experience.


总部位于蒙特利尔, Outbox 于2006年创办,致力于不断发展、检查并管理着其主要售票和管理文化和体育赛事的平台。Outbox™ 的和核心是一组经验丰富的系统工程师和支持性专家, 拥有超过二十五年的与票务有关的技术和业务知识经验。

Outbox™ 系统完全基于网络,主要为Cirque du Soleil和其它全球巡演、25国家的众多竞技场、剧院和俱乐部等活动提供销售和大规模售票服务。


Our Expertise:

  • Mobile design oriented buying flows.
  • Omnichannel approach: Open and manage a multitude of new distribution channels.
  • Social integrations for viral propagation.
  • Realtime API integrations for ticket sales, concessions and big data.
  • 2D & 3D immersive seat-maps with view from selected seat.
  • Integrated CRM for improved customer service.
  • Application translated in over 16 languages.

Outbox in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - Outbox

Jean-Françoys Brousseau

President and founder

Michael Cianci

Business development

+1 (514) 315-1200

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