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Wallrus creates the best Social Walls


Wallrus is a social signage solution that enables you to display live social media feeds on any screen, television or projector. A Social Wall is one of the most effective tools to engage your audience at your event or venue. Brands are able to connect with their customers to increase sales by harnessing and showcasing user-generated content.

Our Social Wall creates live interactions with your audience by letting them connect with each other. This will increase awareness, engagement, exposure and fan participation whilst simultaneously boosting your social media followers and overall reach.

Wallrus has been a proud partner in over 30,000 brand activations, trade shows, conventions, music festivals, digital signage campaigns and many more.


Wallrus 是一款社交展牌解决方案,可让您在任何屏幕,电视或投影仪上显示即时或现场的社交媒体信息。社交墙是一个令您在社交活动或场地吸引观众最有效的工具之一。通过利用和展示用户生成的内容,品牌能够以更真实和个性化的方式与客户联结。


Wallrus 展示过超过30万个品牌活动,贸易展览,会议,音乐节,数字展牌广告等等,一直是一个值得骄傲的合作伙伴。

Our Expertise:

  • Social wall
  • Social media
  • Digital Signage
  • Content Marketing
  • Engagement tool

THE WALLRUS in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - THE WALLRUS

Jean-Philippe Desjardins

CEO & Co-founder

Eve Brien-Boucher

sales director

+1 514-774-9948

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