XYZ Technologie Culturelle

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Custom-designed audiovisual solutions

About: XYZ Technologie Culturelle

At XYZ, we leverage the latest technology to bring cultural initiatives and new ideas to life. Since 2006, our multidisciplinary team has been carrying out high-level audiovisual projects all over the planet. Our company enables developers, artists and multimedia designers to push the boundaries of creativity by providing innovative audiovisual solutions and logistical support for their achievements. We offer a full range of services, including AV system design, equipment sales (audio, video, lighting, control systems, rigging, stage design), installation, multimedia solution setup and programming, and upkeep/maintenance. Our sectors of activity are museums and interpretive trails, immersive and interactive environments, theaters and customized audiovisual solutions. We have delivered projects for Dubai's City Walk, Lodha Real Estate Group in India, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and the Percé Geopark.


XYZ 文化科技(XYZ Technologie Culturelle)利用科技服务于文化与创意的传播。 自2006年以来,我们横跨多领域的团队就在世界各处开展高水平的视听项目。我们公司通过提供创新的视听解决方案,以及确保这些方案能成功实践的后勤支持,使开发者、艺术家和多媒体设计者能够突破创造力的界限。我们的服务内容涵盖视听系统设计的各个步骤、设备销售(音频、视频、照明、控制、索具和场景)、多媒体解决方案的安装、启动和编程以及维护和修理。我们还提供交钥匙式的沉浸式解说体验,包括场景和内容制作。我们的经营领域包括博物馆和路径解说、情境模拟式互动环境、剧院和定制的视听解决方案。我们的成就遍及迪拜的城市步道(City Walk)、印度的Lodha房地产集团、蒙特利尔力拓加铝天文馆(Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan)以及加拿大Percé地质公园(Géoparc de Percé)。

Our Expertise:

  • audiovisual integration
  • audio
  • video
  • projection
  • lighting
  • control system
  • interactivity
  • video mapping
  • architectural lighting

XYZ Technologie Culturelle in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - XYZ Technologie Culturelle

Dildel Lavoie-Caceres

Associate, Director of business development

Ariane Cambron

Conseillère communication marketing

5700 Fullum

514 340-7717 poste 119

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